In this week’s edition of The Washington Post’s Xbox 360 and Xbox One bundle reviews, we look at the best deals on the console.

The games are plentiful on the bundle, with a mix of AAA and indie titles including a new, free-to-play multiplayer title from Sony called Call of Duty: Ghosts.

It’s one of the few games in the bundle to include a free game, but its online multiplayer is surprisingly competitive.

Plus, you get the Xbox One X, which lets you play more than 4K video.

You can also choose to upgrade to a console that includes the next-generation Kinect sensor and a new Xbox game console called the Xbox Elite.

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The Xbox One controller is also included.

The bundle also includes a Xbox One Pro controller, which is designed to work with an Xbox 360 console.

This controller is $79.99.

The game bundles also include the Xbox Wireless Controller, which allows users to play games on the same screen as the Xbox one controller.

The controller costs $19.99, but it also includes the Kinect sensor.

The game bundle also comes with an optional game console, the Kinect Pro.

The console, which costs $59.99 (roughly $40 less than the controller), also includes an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller.

The games are limited to Xbox Live Gold members, but you can sign up for Xbox Live Pro membership for $49.99 per year.

The premium subscription lets you watch up to five live games at once on Xbox One, but your online gameplay will be limited to just that one game.

The Microsoft Store is also offering a $1,000 Microsoft Store gift card to get you started.

The Xbox 360 bundle also features the Xbox Controller 2, which adds the Xbox Live wireless controller and an Xbox Wireless controller with a Kinect sensor to the Xbox platform.

This game bundle comes with a $29.99 price tag.

The PlayStation 4 Pro bundle is also available.

This bundle comes in two editions: a $399.99 upgrade and a $999.99 base package.

The upgrade includes a $100 gift card and a free Xbox Live membership for one year.

The new Xbox Elite bundle is a $349.99 console with a controller that has been upgraded to a new version of the Kinect and a controller with the new Xbox One sensor.

You also get a controller and a Kinect with the upgraded Xbox One and a pair of controllers with a wireless sensor.

It comes with two games and three extras: a wireless controller with an additional Kinect sensor, an additional controller and four extra games.

The base package also includes two games, an Xbox Live gift card for $129.99 and two additional games.