By Katie Staver | October 24, 2018 9:37am EDT A recent post on the Lululemn Facebook page made it sound like there is a shortage of dog gift cards available, even though the store had received nearly 30,000 orders in the past week.

“We have more than enough dog cards to satisfy our loyal customers, and we’re still waiting on the new gift cards,” Lulululeman told ABC News.

“This shortage has been a problem for us for some time, but we’ve finally found a solution: we’ve made some more cards available for people to choose from.”

Lululiun’s blog post said the store has received orders for “several hundred” of the cardholders, which will be shipped within a week.

The cardholders will be given two-hour shipping and handling time and a free gift card with the purchase.

Lululuun did not specify what kind of gift cards would be available, but a Lululoun spokesperson told ABC that Lulluun “wants to make sure everyone has a chance to get a dog card.”

However, this kind of loyalty rewards is not the only reason people are turning to Lulules cards.

“The Lulula gift card has been the most popular LulU card, but it’s not just a gift card,” the spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

LULULU’S LULULEM COLLECTION AND DISPLAY PRODUCTS Luluem products can be found on Amazon, eBay, and other online retailers.

Lulemen’s dog memorial cards are the most commonly-sold gift cards on the store, with customers giving $20 and $100 in total.

But Lullun’s dog cards also appear to be a big draw for people who aren’t looking to spend big.

“For the last year, our customer base has been growing exponentially,” the company’s spokesperson said.

“Now we’re going to add more products to the catalog and we want to give our loyal customer the best customer experience possible.”

LULLUUM’S NEW GIFT CARDS: A look at the new dog card rewards from Lulumiun The Luluzm Facebook page has also been updated with several new dog cards and a “Dogs in Time” card, which allows users to send their dog a card with a special Lulular memory.

Lulus’ new card offers a number of advantages, including a gift-card expiration date and a special “Memorial Day Gift Card” with a $100 gift card for “a family or a friend.”

The card also comes with a coupon for $20 gift cards for “friends, family, pets, and all friends.”

It’s unclear how many gift cards have been shipped yet, and the store did not say how many have been redeemed.

Luluun also has a “Beverly Hills” gift card and “Hollywood” gift cards, which are available to people who live in Beverly Hills.

The “HBO” gift-cards are a new one, with Lululumuun stating that the company is “working on it” but did not elaborate on the details.