It is possible that Microsoft will roll out Xbox gift card for friends and family for the first time this year.

A spokesperson for the company told The Verge that it was working with partners to bring the card to market, but it is unclear when the card will be available to friends and families.

The card will allow a family member to receive a $200 gift card, and Microsoft says it has no plans to limit the value of the card.

Microsoft has made it clear that the Xbox giftcard is for those with Xbox One, not anyone who has an Xbox 360 or has an existing Xbox One.

The Xbox giftcards are not compatible with games from the recently launched Xbox One X. If you are one of the few friends that has the Xbox One and you want to add some money to your family’s account, you can add a gift card to your existing Xbox account and receive a free $200 Xbox gift gift card when you add the Xbox to your account.

Microsoft said that Xbox One gift cards are not for use with Microsoft Points, which are a credit card type that are linked to the purchase of an Xbox console.

Microsoft is also rolling out new gift cards for Xbox One users that have an Xbox One Pro or a Gold console.

It’s not clear when Microsoft will begin selling gift cards to Xbox Ones with Gold or Silver hardware.

The company said in March that it would be introducing new gift card options for the Xbox Ones and that it will soon be introducing a new gift code that will allow Xbox One owners to redeem Xbox One credit toward games.