This is a guest post from Rebecca Leach, a wedding planner and guest blogger at The Wedding Blog.

Rebecca was married to a bridesmaid at her wedding, and she loves to celebrate every special moment in her life with her husband.

When her bridesmom left for a new job, she thought she was going to miss out on everything.

But, as they celebrated their new life together, she found out that they have a couple of special gifts in the works that will keep her company during their busy wedding season.

Her husband is a groom, and as the couple prepares for their first big event, Rebecca wanted to share with him what she is hoping to get him with her wedding gift exchange.

This wedding gift can be anything from a wedding ring to a beautiful card or a special piece of jewelry.

Rebecca is happy to share her thoughts and what her ideas are for her husband’s special gift, and the final decision to give him his gift.

What would you like your husband to get with his gift exchange?

It’s up to you.

But be creative.

You don’t want to get stuck with an empty gift bag.

Make something special, something personal.

What about a personalized card or necklace?

Let your husband know that you love him and want to be there for him at the moment when you need him most.

If you are in a hurry, you can even make it a special wedding gift for a family.

It’s important to know that it is a gift exchange, so your husband needs to be ready to get the gifts, as well.

And you can do it in a couple different ways.

You can make it for him, and then give him a note for him to send the gifts to.

You could put it in the envelope, or you could give it to him to give to someone else.

You might want to send him a message on the night of the wedding to thank him for being so kind to you during the busy wedding days.

If he has a special gift for you, you might want him to come to your wedding, so you can thank him on the anniversary.

You may want to make the gift for your friends, family or colleagues.

Whatever you do, make sure you’re giving him the gift that will make him feel like a part of your wedding.