On Wednesday, Netflix launched a new online gift store called GiftNetflix, which will allow you to pick up a new gift from the streaming giant for your school, college, or home.

To start shopping, just click on the “New Gift” button, and you’ll be presented with the choice of one of four new products to select from.

The first gift you can pick up is the Netflix Go Gift Card, which offers $10 off of your first $100 spend on Netflix content.

The second gift is a free $10 gift card for Netflix, which also includes a free Netflix subscription for up to five users.

The third gift is the Amazon Echo Dot Smart Home Speaker, which is $99 for two people, and the Amazon Tap, which includes an Amazon Echo Tap speaker and Alexa smart speaker, as well as Amazon’s Alexa Voice Control.

The fourth gift is an Amazon Tap smart speaker that will also include an Amazon Alexa voice control.

The gift net will be available from June 23 through July 14, but it’s going to be a pretty big deal for Netflix users who have already purchased a gift card, which can be redeemed for the following items: $5 off your first Netflix purchase with code “tvgift,” a free two-day membership to Netflix, an Amazon Prime subscription, or a free one-month subscription to Netflix.

Netflix is also offering a $10 Amazon gift card to Netflix subscribers, which has already been available for a few days.

You can check out all the products listed in the gift net here.