When my mom passed away, I was a baby at heart.

I spent all my time in the house and had my own little library.

But when my dad passed away last December, it was like the world turned upside down.

I was devastated and in disbelief.

I had always been grateful to my parents for giving me a safe haven to mourn.

Now I was just one of many grieving adults who lost a parent to suicide.

I went from a happy kid to a depressed adult.

Here are the top 5 ways you can celebrate your friends passing.


Buy a gift for your loved one who’s died.

I loved my dad’s new book, “The New Family: How to Make the Right Move in the World After Your Family.”

The book is about making the right move after a loss.

The book includes tips on dealing with loss, and the best ways to make the right decision for your own family.

You can read more about the book here.

I used the gift to pay my college tuition, and I hope my dad had a great retirement.


Make a special gift for a friend.

I got a gift that made me laugh, made me cry, and made me feel proud to be an American.

I picked up my favorite coloring book for my best friend, “A House of Leaves,” by Mark Evanier.

The coloring book includes some fun illustrations and fun words about growing up in the 1950s.

I love the book, and my dad loved it too.


Make special gifts for a loved one.

My mother passed away in August 2017, but I was in awe of the fact that she had always lived in America.

I thought of her everyday conversations and memories about her country, her friends, and her family.

This book is an easy way to honor my mom’s legacy.

My mom had always taken pride in being an American and wanted to honor her heritage with an American gift.


Give someone a gift from your home.

I have so many great family photos hanging on the wall.

I use the photo albums from my parents as a reminder of the beauty and joy of the home.

My dad is a hoarder.

I hope he enjoys these gifts and I enjoy the memories they will bring him.


Share a story about your loved ones.

My favorite story I can share with anyone is when my parents moved to New York City.

We stayed in their house for a year and moved to the City.

It was my dad who took the time to tell me about his childhood in California, how he loved the city and its people, and how he wanted to help the people in the city.

This was my mom.

She is the reason I love New York.

You don’t have to live in a place to feel it.

If you have friends in the area, share a story with them.

Make it a special moment for your friends, family, or colleagues.

There are so many special moments in our lives.

And when you’re in the midst of the grief process, it is great to take the time out to be there.

Here is a great resource for you to share your love with someone else: 5 Ways to Make Your Friends and Family Celebrate Your Loss: