TODAY — Nike has released a list of 10 sports gift cards it plans to give to fans in 2020.

The list was compiled based on the top 10 most popular sports items from the company’s catalogue and included items like Nike sneakers, apparel, hats, clothing and gifts.

The 10 gift cards will be given out in 10 different ways, and fans can take advantage of their selections by making a purchase during a particular season.

Ahead of the NBA season, Nike is giving fans a limited number of the 10 gift card packs.

The first 10 will be released on Wednesday, January 14.

Nuggets season tickets are going on sale at 10 a.m.

EST, and Nike will also offer 10 additional season tickets to those who purchase tickets between now and February 15.

Other popular sports gifts for fans to consider include Nike Basketball sneakers, Nike basketball shorts, Nike tennis shoes, Nike Nike soccer shoes, and the Nike NiteSport backpack.

For the rest of the year, fans can also shop for Nike apparel at select stores.

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