How to create a spiritual gift for your family.

It can also help your dog get a better start to life.

But first, it’s important to get the right ingredients. 

If you’re looking to create an “intimate” gift, consider your pet’s size and breed. 

“For many breeds, you want to get them into the right mindset,” said Dr. David M. Katz, a pet expert at the American Veterinary Medical Association. 

In general, the more intelligent your pet is, the better.

But if you’re having trouble finding the right size, breed, or temperament for your dog, Katz recommends creating a personalized pet gift that focuses on your pet and the person you’re sharing it with. 

Your pet can’t be the only gift, but it should be a part of your wedding.

“If your dog is a good match for your theme, you can create a unique gift to be the centerpiece of the celebration,” Katz said. 

You can use these simple tips to create the perfect gift for a special occasion. 

Create a personalized gift for the person or person’s pet: Place the gift on your wedding day table or a chair. 

Place a special card on the card-side of the gift. 

Add a personal note or a greeting card to the card. 

Pick a color or pattern to match the color of the card, which is also the theme of your special day. 

Give the gift at the reception: If you’re creating a traditional gift, choose a venue that has a special place in your heart. 

Put the gift in a gift basket or on the mantelpiece of your table. 

Use a special greeting card or a personalized card. 

 Don’t forget to make sure the card is clear, in writing, and that the card and the gift are separate. 

Bring your pet to the reception to meet your guests and introduce them to the person’s pets. 

Do the dishes: If your wedding is a dinner, you’ll want to make the meal as delicious as possible.

The guests will also appreciate a pet gift.

If the guests are young and want a pet, make sure they’re able to bring their pet to dinner. 

The gift is meant to be a reminder that you and your family have a special connection.

It should be thoughtful and meaningful. 

Make a special surprise: A surprise gift for an important moment in your life.

For example, an “award” for your favorite child, an anniversary gift for someone in your family, or a gift for somebody special. 

Take a picture of the pet on the receipt or card-to-card. 

Attach the gift to a picture that captures the event, like a wedding or birth certificate. 

Write a thank you note on the gift card: For someone who is special to you, make a personal thank you card for your pet. 

Sign the gift: If the pet’s birthday is special, give it a special birthday message that includes your name, your date of birth, and the name of your pet that was a special gift.

Make a gift that lasts forever: If a special person or someone special is in the room, they may have a gift waiting for you. 

It’s important for you and the guests to know what the gift will be and how it will be used. 

Remember that the pets life is important, too.

They need your support to make it last. 

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