It was a classic Macy’s holiday season when Amazon opened up the doors to the online retailer’s holiday stores and gift cards, and the company was so excited to get people in to buy those things that it gave Amazon free shipping on all its online merchandise.

The big problem is, the free shipping is only good for the first $50 of your purchases.

That’s a huge difference from how Macy’s used to operate, where the gift card is good for $15 or $20.

Amazon says the new shipping model will work for people who buy $100 or more worth of items in their first 30 days.

That means if you buy $50 worth of merchandise, the gift cards will be free for 30 days and you’ll have to pay $1 more per year for that product, or $1.50 per year, whichever is higher.

It’s a steep price to pay for a product that, by the way, is a lot cheaper than Macy’s original holiday gift cards.

Macy’s also made some tweaks to how the cards work to help make them more enticing to shoppers, like adding a $5 introductory gift card that can be redeemed at any Macy’s store.

Macy says it’s working with Amazon on ways to make the giftcards more appealing, including adding a new feature to the Macy’s app that allows you to swipe right on a card to see how much it will cost you.

Amazon also said it is offering a free 15-day trial of its Kindle e-reader, the Paperwhite, for new customers, and it is rolling out free shipping for Amazon Prime members, giving customers a way to try the new Kindle for 15 days, with no additional shipping charges.

The company says it is also offering an introductory trial of the Kindle Fire HDX.

If you buy a Kindle for $99 or less, Amazon will give you a $99 gift card.

If your Amazon Prime membership includes free shipping, you’ll be able to redeem the card for a free Fire HD tablet for 15 months.

For $1, Amazon is also allowing Amazon Prime customers to try Amazon’s Kindle books and audiobooks.

For example, Amazon Prime has 25 books, and those books are eligible for free shipping.

The Kindle books are also available for $0.99 each, but they are priced $1 less than the Kindle audiobreads.

Amazon said it’s giving customers another 15-days free trial of Amazon Prime, which includes access to a free Kindle device, Kindle books, Kindle audiobook, Kindle games, Kindle apps, and Kindle eBooks.

For $9.99, you get unlimited access to the Kindle eShop and Kindle apps.

Amazon also offers a free 20-day free trial with Amazon Prime and Prime Music.

Amazon said it has made some changes to how Amazon Prime works, including removing Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime Music from its app, adding a separate “Get Prime Now” feature, and making the program free to new customers.

Amazon is also rolling out Amazon Flex, a new version of Amazon’s Prime membership that gives customers unlimited free shipping and a $15 credit on all of their purchases.

The program is only available to new Prime members for the moment, but the company said it will eventually add the program to the free Amazon Prime program.

Amazon says it will be offering a new, discounted membership for $39.99 with Prime, and a new $15 membership for Prime Music for $29.99.

Both of those membership levels are available to Prime members who have paid $49 or more in the past three months.

If that happens, they’ll receive a $10 gift card for the purchase of $49, plus free shipping of $50.

The new membership levels will be available to existing Prime members starting in April.