Uber has just launched a new service called the uber giftcard, allowing customers to redeem $100-worth of gift cards at select locations.

This will be an uber gift credit that will be used to pay for the cost of gas, insurance, and other essentials.

Uber said the card can be used at Uber stores nationwide, but not all locations are open to use it.

Here’s how to redeem a $10,000 gift card.1.

Go to uber.com/giftcards and enter your zip code or country.


Go on to checkout and enter a code that contains your zipcode or country and the name of the gift card you would like to redeem.

Uber will then give you a unique code for the card that will appear in your account.3.

When you arrive at the checkout, you’ll be directed to the card issuer page.

There you can find the giftcard you want to redeem and click the green “Gift” button to take advantage of the credit.

You’ll be given the option to cancel the gift.4.

After making your choice, you can then redeem the card by entering your zip codes and using the code to complete the purchase.

Uber says the $100 is a non-refundable credit, but you can cancel the card anytime after the purchase if you don’t like the product.5.

You can redeem the $10K gift card at a select location, including select restaurants, or at the app store, Uber said.6.

When a customer uses the $9,000 credit, the cardholder will receive an email notification and a link to their account.7.

The credit will be credited in the same order in which it was used, but the card will still appear in the Uber account as the amount you’ve redeemed.

Uber declined to say how many locations will be eligible for the $2,000 offer.

Uber said it’s offering the $1,000 and $1K gift cards to customers who choose to purchase the $20K gift, but there is no limit on how much you can redeem.

The Uber card can only be used once.

Uber says it will provide more details on the gift cards in the coming weeks.