The NFL’s Christmas gift season has been a long time coming, and some players and coaches are taking advantage of it by throwing lavish gifts at fans.1.

Cowboys fans should keep the gift for their Cowboys jerseys2.

Cowboys players should get rid of their Christmas decorations3.

The Cowboys should get their own Christmas tree4.

Cowboys receivers should keep a gift for the fans5.

Cowboys running backs should get a gift from their coach.6.

The Eagles should have their own tree and decorate it with decorations for the Eagles fans.7.

The Patriots should get all their Christmas trees decorated8.

The Colts should get two trees for each of their fans.9.

The Giants should get three trees and get them all decorated.10.

The Packers should get one tree for each fan.11.

The Panthers should get five trees for their fans, and the Cowboys should have a tree.12.

The Cardinals should get four trees and decorated.13.

The Titans should get six trees for the fan base.14.

The Ravens should get eight trees for all fans, plus the fans should have one for each team.15.

The Jaguars should get 10 trees for everyone.16.

The Chiefs should get 15 trees and have their fans decorate them.17.

The Dolphins should get 20 trees and keep them all for the Dolphins fans.18.

The Seahawks should get 30 trees and the fans would have a Christmas tree.19.

The Browns should get 40 trees and add a tree for the Browns fans.20.

The Texans should get 50 trees and give it to everyone.21.

The Redskins should get 60 trees and their fans would be given a tree and the Redskins would have one tree.22.

The Vikings should get 70 trees and all fans should be given one tree and be given their own.23.

The Lions should get 80 trees and celebrate it with their fans with a Christmas Tree.24.

The Buccaneers should get 100 trees and put it up on a tree stand and have it decorated.25.

The Chargers should get 150 trees and throw it into the crowd, which would be perfect for their own fans.26.

The Rams should get 200 trees and bring it to the stadium and put up a tree with a banner and the Rams fans would get their tree.27.

The Saints should get 300 trees and they would get a Christmas ornament.28.

The Falcons should get 350 trees and do all their fans have a piece of it and the Falcons fans would receive their tree with all of their friends.29.

The Bills should get 400 trees and play a Christmas song on it.30.

The Raiders should get 500 trees and include it in the stadium, complete with lights, and all of the fans have it.31.

The Broncos should get 600 trees and then get a tree in the stands for each and every fan, plus they would have two trees.32.

The Bengals should get 800 trees and it would be the most festive Christmas tree they have ever had.33.

The Bears should get 900 trees and everyone should have two Christmas trees.34.

The Steelers should get 1000 trees and also have a light and a tree set up for every fan.35.

The Jets should get 1200 trees and there would be a Christmas card and a Christmas hat and all their players would have their Christmas tree and get the hat with them.36.

The Bucs should get 1300 trees and you know what, they would probably get a couple more, so the fans could have one each.37.

The 49ers should get 1400 trees and if the fans were allowed to get one each, the 49ers would have four Christmas trees and three hats.38.

The New York Giants should be celebrating a holiday with their own football team and you can bet they would celebrate with their teammates.39.

The Seattle Seahawks should be throwing Christmas parties and they will get one of their own to throw on their own trees.40.

The Buffalo Bills should have an annual tradition and do the most fun one in the NFL with their family.41.

The Carolina Panthers should have some holiday cheer and then they would be able to go to the playoffs with a victory.42.

The Denver Broncos should go all in and throw their fans a party and have the fans decorating the stadium for the entire season.43.

The Kansas City Chiefs should celebrate their team’s season with a celebration in the locker room.44.

The Pittsburgh Steelers should celebrate with the entire team.45.

The Miami Dolphins should throw a party in the Superdome for their team and the entire fans would give their team a Christmas decoration.46.

The Oakland Raiders should celebrate and get a big tree.47.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers should be the Christmas party of the season.48.

The Tennessee Titans should throw their Christmas parties for their entire fans.49.

The Philadelphia Eagles should throw parties for all of them.50.

The Green Bay Packers should be able go to a party with their whole team and then go home and celebrate.51