If you are a retailer and you have the chance to buy Christmas or New Year’s cards this is the time to do it, says the retailer, Kroger.

Kroger recently released a new holiday card and a new Christmas gift card and both are available for purchase.

The Christmas gift cards come in three levels of offer: a basic card, a gold card, and a platinum card.

The basic card has a 20-percent discount off the purchase price, while the gold card offers the same discount, but is offered in limited quantities.

The platinum card offers a 50-percent premium over the standard card, but you have to spend $5 to qualify for the benefit.

These are all great options for a limited time offer.

If you would like to purchase a gift certificate for the holiday season, you can do so with the gift card.

You can also buy gift cards from Kroger on Amazon.com, eBay, and other online retailers.

This will help you save money.

If, however, you do not want to spend money, then you can buy a Kroger gift card from Amazon or other retailers.

For example, if you buy a $200 gift card at Amazon, you will receive a $30 credit towards your next purchase.

Amazon has some great promotions on gift cards.

If a card is sold on Amazon for $25, Amazon will give you a $25 gift card as a bonus.

For a $100 gift card on Amazon, Amazon also offers a $50 credit towards future purchases.

If Kroger offers these promotions, you should definitely consider getting a gift code to use them.

These codes can be redeemed on other sites, but be sure to check out your local Kroger store.

You will be able to get the same 20 percent discount on your next gift card purchase.

Another great option is to buy Kroger’s Thanksgiving card at the same time as you are buying a gift.

You do not have to buy the card separately, but this will save you money.

Krogers Thanksgiving card is available at all Kroger locations, including its U.S. and Canada stores.

The card is priced at $200.

Krover has also released its holiday card promotion.

The Kroger Thanksgiving card offers 20 percent off purchases of any $50, $100, or $200 value in the first two months of the holiday.

You only have to sign up for the card, which will save up to $30.

The promo can be redeemed for a Krover gift card of up to 25 percent off the value of the card.