Chipotle, one of Canada’s most famous restaurants, is giving customers the gift of a free meal.

Chipotle’s gift card for its free Chipotle meal is a deal that goes on sale Monday.

The deal is available to Canadian customers who order online at or in person at the store.

The deal is good until Jan. 31.

You can also use the card on any Chipotle restaurant in Canada.

The card is valid for a one-time $15 gift card on select Chipotle food items, such as burritos, burrito bowls, tacos, and burrito burritinos.

There is no minimum spend, but it will save you money on regular menu items.

You also get a free Chipotles signature drink, but no chips.

There is no maximum number of visits a person can make in a calendar year.

The gift card is also valid for two Chipotle credit cards, including the new $20 credit card for new customers and new customers with a Chipotle gift certificate.

Chipotles gift card offers the following benefits:The gift will be delivered to you in your Chipotllon mailing box or to your designated delivery address within 30 days.

The Chipotle cardholder can redeem the gift card in any of the following Chipotle restaurants in Canada:Chipotle, in Canada, offers free meals to anyone with a valid Canadian Chipotle Visa.

You may redeem the chipotle card for any Chipototle restaurant located in Canada or any Chipotea restaurant in the United States.

The chipotle can also be used at Chipotilla locations, which include Chipotle’s Canadian outlet locations.

The restaurant chain, which was founded in San Diego, California, in 1986, has been one of the largest burger chains in the world for nearly a century.