Father in Jesus is a holiday gift that has helped thousands of children in Ireland for generations.

As a result, over the years many children have received gifts of christmas card.

We can’t thank the church enough for the gifts that have been given over the centuries, said Dr. Mary MacKillop, executive director of the Children’s Charity.

Children from all over Ireland have received christmas and christmas Christmas cards, but those from the Republic of Ireland have been especially well-represented, said MacKillops.

This year, the Children in the Church will host a special Christmas card-giving event in Dublin’s Colman Street.

The event will be hosted by Dr. John Collins of the Irish Catholic Charities (ICCA).

The event will feature the gift of the Holy Trinity, along with a selection of cards featuring children’s favorite Christmas and holiday stories.

It is hoped that the card-givers will be able to remember the names of their favourite children, and will then have the chance to give gifts to other children in their care, MacKillolls said.

The event has been organised by the Irish Christian Charities Foundation (ICCF) and will take place at Colman St. and the Strand.

It will be from 11:00am until 1:00pm.