CVS has launched the CVS Gift Card program to reward customers who purchase the most of its popular gift cards in a given time frame.

Customers who make the most purchases within the next 90 days will earn a $25 credit to their account, according to a press release from CVS.

The program was launched in January to reward the best CVS store shoppers for purchases made with its gift cards.

The $25 gift card is not a discount, and the CHS card earns a $10 discount.

CVS is accepting the program from Feb. 6 through March 12.

CVC gift cards are available in more than 200 cities and are redeemable for select merchandise and CVS branded products.

The CVS Card program will offer discounts of up to 25% for the first three months of the program, up to 30% for six months and up to 50% for 12 months.