“I was so happy when I got the gift from my husband,” Ms Kavanagh said.

“He is a great gardener and we have a lovely relationship.”

I’m happy that I have been able to do that for him and to make his gardening a bit more special for him.

“Ms Kavanah said she is grateful to Facebook for the gift and was very happy to receive it.”

When we got the email, I was so excited and excited about getting it.

I was a little bit worried but it’s not like I could really tell my husband how much it meant,” she said.

Ms Kavannah said she was grateful to have the gift as she enjoys her garden and gardening activities.”

We have a very nice garden and my husband likes it a lot,” she explained.”

It’s really nice to see people who are happy to help someone in need, to be able to say thank you.

“That’s what I like about it.

It’s a nice touch.”

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