A year ago, when my wife and I went to pick up our two kids, we were nervous to even consider the idea of buying a new Christmas present.

We knew that our family’s Christmas tree and Christmas decorations had been in good shape for the last few years, and it seemed like we could take a few weeks to go through the process of planning.

But after all the research we had done, and the countless hours spent trying to figure out what to buy, we decided to buy what we thought would be the best Christmas gift for our family.

While there are a number of different gift ideas on the market, the most popular one to us is the DIY gift card, which you can use for a variety of different purchases and give to a loved one whenever they are in need of a gift.

While we are still shopping for our new Christmas tree, we are also getting ready to send our kids a new present and are now thinking about the perfect gift for someone new to our family, too.

Here are some of our favorite DIY Christmas gifts for the new year.

 (Photos by Nicole Zabriskie)