Apple is offering $50 in Apple gift cards to anyone who buys an Apple Watch Sport, Sport+ or Apple Watch Edition from Dec. 15 to Dec. 20.

To receive one, customers will have to pay a $49.99 shipping fee, and they’ll need to provide their email address to log in.

Apple’s new gift card program is available to anyone, but only Apple Watch users who purchased the watch, iPad, or iPhone will be eligible.

Apple has been criticized for the gift card giveaway, with some arguing that it’s a way for the company to keep people who bought the expensive watches on the waiting list.

The company has also been criticized by the FTC for making the gift cards for people who already have Apple Watch.

The program is valid through Dec. 19, though Apple has a long list of devices that it says it plans to support with its gift cards.

The program also includes a limited number of Apple Watch models that will have a limited supply of the Apple Watch Series 4, but that will also be available in November.

Apple has also started offering its gift card in-store at participating retailers.

It’s not clear whether or not those stores will be able to offer the gift to consumers who bought Apple Watch devices online or through stores, but Apple’s website says customers can redeem the gift for up to $50 worth of in-stock products.